Hidden Causes of Obesity

Published: 26th February 2010
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Have you ever heard someone say that the causes of obesity is too many calories and a sedentary lifestyle?

Yet the problem is that there are many of you who are clinically obese that are trying to reduce your calories and exercise but it is not working.

Well, I am here to tell you that in my online weight loss coaching practice I show the true sources of obesity and it has nothing to do with calories.

The causes of obesity have to do with health imbalances and the metabolic syndrome. A body that has gotten obese has gone past a stage where the fat has started to act like an organ that produces more fat.


It generally starts with belly fat. Belly fat is usually connected with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance then leads to diabetes. Diabetes leads to more muscular atrophy which lowers the metabolic rate because muscle mass is smaller.

The belly fat also grows around the liver and this causes liver toxicity. This causes more insulin resistance. This leads to more stress which causes more belly fat. Then the kidneys start getting physical pressure placed on them and high-blood pressure results. This leads to more hypertension. Which leads to more stress which leads to more fat.

If people do not see this as a cycle then it become very hard to break it.

So how do you break it? The first thing I recommend is to learn all the hidden causes of obesity.

Let me show you the hidden sources of obesity.


Many people do not understand the body's signs of stress. They equate stress with only an emotional form of stress. When the body is too tired, when it has too much sugar, caffeine put in it, when it is lacking rest, when it is lacking oxygen, it is stressed out. One way to tell this is to look at the heart rate. It is elevated and spikes very quickly.

Stress causes cortisol, a stress hormone to be released. This hormone when, in the blood too long, will cause belly fat. Cortisol also causes, insulin resistance, acidic blood levels, lack of oxygen capacity, to name a few.

When a very obese person does intense exercise, they will lose weight initially and then there will be a plateau. Intense exercise is also stress on the nervous system. It will cause a rise in cortisol and eventually CAUSE a weight loss plateau.


There is an abundance of toxins in the environment that cause obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. This has been proven over and over. What are some of these toxins? I will list some of them for you. Each one has been proven to produce obesity, diabetes and cancer (specifically breast cancer)

Bisphenol-A is a chemical used in most hard and clear plastics like water bottles, baby bottles, food containers, etc. It causes obesity and diabetes.

MSG is found in many, many processed foods. It is listed in many different names that hide it. It causes obesity and diabetes.

DDT is a pesticide and is still imported into the US within fruits and vegetables that are grown in countries that do not have laws banning DDT. Livestock that eats grass that is laden with DDT will have it in their bodies and we eat the livestock and ingest the DDT that way as well. It causes obesity and diabetes.

Synthetic Hormones are injected into Chickens, Cows and in the water of "farm raised Fish." These hormones are synthetic, they are there to mimic estrogen and growth hormone to cause the animals to grow faster, cause chickens to lay eggs faster, cows to produce more milk. They also cause obesity and diabetes.

Chemically bleached foods are another category. Grains that are chemically bleached like white bread contain something called Alloxan. Alloxan is a byproduct of the chemical process of bleaching grains. Alloxan causes diabetes. In fact, for scientific studies of diabetes, alloxan is injected into rats to cause diabetes so it can be studied.

So toxicity is one of the major causes of obesity.


Lack of oxygen another one of the causes of obesity. Obese also have very low oxygen capacity. Their cells cannot use and receive a high amount of oxygen. This is another problem that has to be resolved. It has to be resolved at a cellular level as well. This is easy to resolve.


Hormone imbalances are another one of the hidden causes of obesity. There is an excess of fat storing hormones. Body fat itself, produces estrogen. Estrogen is a fat creating hormone. Obese bodies also have reduced growth hormone and testosterone, both of which are extremely powerful fat burning hormones.

There is also either too much insulin in the blood, especially in the type 2 diabetes person. For the type 1 diabetic person, there is not enough insulin. This too is a hormone imbalance.

There is a hormone called Leptin. This hormone signals the brain to know that you are full. If you have too much body fat and too much belly fat you will not produce enough leptin. To make matters worse, the hormone that causes hunger is also created by fat. This hormone is called ghrelin. Ghrelin can make you feel really hungry.


Dehydration is yet another one of the causes of obesity. Dehydration is a major part of obesity. The fat content of an obese body is 40% or more. A fit person has a very low level of body fat percentage. However, the obese person has a very low water content. It can be as low as 50%. The fit and healthy person will be very high. It can be as high as 80% water content. Fat and water cannot occupy the same space. By teaching a person how to hydrate I am able to resolve their obesity problem.

By resolving these hidden causes of obesity, the person can have rapid and constant weight loss and never return to obesity again.

I am a holistic health practitioner and specialize in weight loss through my book and online education and coaching. You can learn more about obesity here : http://www.natural-weight-loss-myths-revealed.com/obesity-help.html

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